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Process Instrumentation - Sales / Installation / Calibration

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Gas Detection

Gas Detection

Sales, System Design, Installation & Calibration
a division of Aegis Safety Pty Ltd

Sales, System Design, Installation & Calibration

Techinspect is an instrumentation, gas detection, and electrical contracting company, with its head office located in Brisbane. Founded in 2004, Techinspect is a division of Aegis Safety Pty Ltd (a wholly Australian owned and run business) with a highly skilled workforce trained to provide quality service and products. Our operations cover everything from sales, system design and service to maintenance and installation. We are able to offer calibration services in our workshop located in Geebung or at your site by our on the road service team.

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Additel, Honeywell Analytics, Intech Instruments, Sentech Corporattion
Our Suppliers include:

Additel, Honeywell Analytics, Intech Instruments, Sentech Corporattion

Additel - Pressure Gauges, Automated & Digital Pressure Calibrators, Process Calibrators / Honeywell - Portable & Fixed Gas Detection / Intech - Transmitters, Data Loggers, PLC multiplexers, Process Indicators, Microscan, SCADA & Recorders / Rhomberg - Pressure Gauges / Sentech - Refrigeration Monitors,

Gas Detection, Process Control, Pressure Gauges, Temperature Monitoring
Our Range of Products include:

Gas Detection, Process Control, Pressure Gauges, Temperature Monitoring

Automated & Digital Pressure Calibrators, Process & Loop Calibrators, Car Park Monitoring Systems from AmpControl & Honeywell Analytics, Sentech Refrigerant Leak Monitors, Rhomberg Pressure Gauges, Instrumentation - Temperature Monitoring Systems, PLC programming, SCADA, Data Loggers, Weather Stations and many more...

Calibration, System Design, Installation, Fault Finding
Our Services include:

Calibration, System Design, Installation, Fault Finding

With a dedicated temperature and pressure testing lab, Techinspect has all your calibration requirements covered. As well as calibrating portable equipment including portable gas detectors, pressure gauges, instrumentation at our workshop we provide on-site solutions for permanently installed systems including [but not limited to] car park gas detection, refrigerant leak monitors and temperature monitoring.

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The PHD6® is a state-of-the-art six gas detector and the most configurable gas detector in the IQ Management System with five sensor ports, up to six channels of detection and 16 sensor ports, up to six channels of detection, and 16 sensor options including electrochemical, LEL, PID and Infrared. The PHD6 is build to be reliable and sophisticated while maintaining the ease of use that you have come to expect.

Day-to-day detector operations are controlled entirely through the mode button. A status bar on the display, with easy-to-recognise icons, gives the user immediate access to everything from time to calibration status. Built-in and easy-to-navigate menus give advanced users the ability to configure the detector in the field.

The PHD6 is powered by interchangeable alkaline or Li-ion battery packs, with run times of up to 24 hours.

This versatile detector is suitable tasks such as: 

  • determining sick building syndrome
  • chemical sampling
  • indoor air quality
  • safe occupational exposure limits

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Smart Sensors
IQ6 Express Dock

Maximum of 6
  • Rugged polycarbonate case with TPR overmold
  • One button operation for daily useage including automatic calibration
  • Easy to use top moulded graphic display with configurable backlight
  • Status bar with easily recognisable symbols
  • Standard blackbox recorder stores a minimum of 63 hours of readings and other data
  • Standard eventlogger stores specific data from alarm events
  • Available with optional datalogging for convenient and easy downloading to a computer
  • Built -in IrDA port easy report downloads
  • One button auto calibration
  • Calibration due reminder
  • Sensor span reserve indicators during calibration for predictive maintenance


  • Interchangeable alkarline and rechargeable Li-ion battery packs
  • Up to 22 hours battery life in either configuration
  • Drop-in fast charger / data dock
  • Recharges typically in less than 5 hours


  • Dual audible alarms
  • Visible front and side mounted LED alarms

Certifications [including pump, charger and IQ Docks (with approved charger beds0]

SGS/USTC Class I, Division 1, Groups A,B,C,D Temp Code T3C
SGS/USTC Class II, Division 1, Groups E,F,G Class III
CSA Class I, Division 1, Groups A,B,C,D Temp Code T3C
        (CSA approval does not include IR sensor)
ATEX (EPS) Ex ia d IIC 170C (T3)
IECEx Ex ia IIC 170C (T3)
CE Mark

 P/N  Description   Range   Resolution 
 GD54-54-01  CO - Carbon Monoxide  0 - 1,000 ppm 1ppm 
 GD54-54-02  H2S - Hydrogen Sulphide  0 - 200ppm 1ppm 
 GD54-54-03  SO2 - Sulphure dioxide  0 - 25ppm 0.1ppm 
 GD54-54-06  NO - Nitric Oxide  0 - 350ppm 1ppm 
 GD54-54-09  NO2 - Nitrogen dioxide  0 - 50ppm 0.1ppm 
 GD54-54-23  HCN - Hydrogen Cyanide  0 - 100ppm 0.2ppm 
 GD54-54-13  PH3 - Phosphine  0 - 20ppm  0.1ppm 
 GD54-54-14  Duo-Tox - CO & H2S
 CO: 0 - 1,000ppm
H2S: 0 - 200ppm 
 GD54-54-18  CI2 - Chlorine (specific) 0 - 50ppm  0.1ppm 
 GD54-54-19  CO-H CO minus H, *  0 - 1,000ppm 1ppm
 GD54-54-21  NH3 - Ammonia  0 - 100ppm  1ppm
 GD54-54-50  CO2-IR - non dispersive IR carbon dioxide
0 - 5%Vol
(0 - 50,000ppm) 
 GD54-54-51  IR-CH4 - Non dispersive IR methane 
0 - 100% LEL
(0 - 5%Vol) 
 GD54-54-52  PID used for VOC detection  0 - 2,000ppm  0.1ppm
 GD54-54-80C  Combustibles [LEL]  0 - 30%Vol  0.1%
 GD54-54-90  O2 - Oxygen 0 - 30%Vol 0.1% 
 GD54-54-20 CIO2 - Chlorine Dioxide (specific)  0 - 5ppm 0.01ppm 
 * reduced sensitivity to hydrogen (H2)
  Volatile Organic Compound 

PhD6 IQ6 Data-Dock Station Web   Improve your gas detection program with the IQ6™ Docking Station for the PHD6™ multi-sensor gas detector. The fully automated bump test and calibration station performs up to twelve critical operational procedures. It helps improve compliance and reduce labor and calibration gas costs. As part of the IQ Management System, the IQ6 Dock allows you to create a better gas detection program.  

Features and Benefits:

Automated Tests 
  Automatic  Instrument Identification
    Battery Test
    Alarm Tests [audible, visible, vibrating]
    Bump Test
    Calibration [if necessary]
    Ready/Fault indication
Configuration Options
  Standalone calibration station
  Connected to PC via USB
  Connected to PC via Ethernet [optional]
2-Ports v. 4-Port Docks
  • 2-port docks are capable of processing PHD6 using one multi-gas cylinder and one single component cylinder or two single component cylinders.
  • 4-port dock are capable of processing PHD6 using one multi-gas cylinder and three single component cylinders of four single component cylinders.
Efficient and Economical
  • Bump Test in under 45 seconds for 4 gas configuration [O2, LEL, CO, H2S]
  • Calibration in under 2 minutes for 4 gas configuration [O2, LEL, CO, H2S]

 P/N   Description 
 GD54-54-102  Continuous sample draw pump  
 GD54-54-102-C  Motorised sample draw pump kit [corrosive gas]
 GD54-54-106  Alkaline battery pack
 GD54-54-107  Rechargeable Li-ion battery pack
 GD54-54-103-1  Li-ion battery charger
 GD54-54-103-12  Vehicle charger (12VDC) includes cigarette lighter style adapter  and mounting hardware)
 GD54-54-104  Calibration / Sample draw cover
 GD54-54-105  Manual sample draw kit (includes probe, squeeze bulb, 25cm of  tubing and sample draw adapter) 
 GD54-05-A0403  Sample probe assembly (does not include squeeze bulb, tubing or  sample draw adapter) 
  GD54-05-A0405  Sample probe assembly with 29cm stainless steel probe
 GD54-54-108  PID lamp cleaning kit 
 GD54-54-115  PID electrode stack kit
 GD54-54-116  PID lamp kit

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