Rhomberg PBX Pressure Gauge

PBX Pressure Gauge from Rhomberg Colour Coded Case & Bezel Safety Pattern Design

The Rhomberg PBX pressure gauge is ideal for applications were high accuracy and durability is required and where the risk of Bourdon tube failure could compromise the safety of the operator.

All gauges are retro-fillable and totally repairable. A number of optional accessories are available either as factory fitted or retro-fitted. A Rhomberg vibration free movement [VFM] can be fitted where filling material is not allowed or excessive vibration is present.

The 54mm dial size safety pattern design is especially suitable for welding and medical gas regulators. Solid front baffle and flimsy back blow-out for all bottom entry gauges to meet SABS and U.L safety requirements as standard.


PBX Specifications
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Bezel P.B.T Polybutyleneterephthalate - colour coded  
Back Plate
non-screw fitting, locating by interface fit when used in conjunction with diaphragm
Back Vented:
to permit guage "breathing"
Case & Bezel P.B.T Polybutyleneterephthalate - colour coded. Fully open back for maimum area to release pressure in case of major failure. 
Dampening Fluid Glycerine [54mm cannot be filled]
Dual Purpose Dibphragm
natural rubber
the diaphragm acts as a back plate seal and is stretched over the full diameter of the back plate, allowing for expansion of air or the filling medium in the gauge.
Direct mounting only
mm      54      100      150  
Imp      2"       4"         6"    
Either by removing bezel and window and using micro-adjust pointer or by removing the back plate and diaphragm and adjusting the movement.
Pointer Black aluminium, micrometer adjustable
Connections 1/8" + 1/4" [BSP - NPT - BSPT] 
Maximum Range 60 MPa
Accuracy 1.0%FSD [optional 0.5% FSD]
Explosion Tests:
In line with U.L 404 which requires a controlled volume explosion bursting the Bourdon tube wiht the back plate disloding in preference to the  window.
IP65 Tests: approved,
SABS 1062: approved
Nett Mass                      100mmm        150mm        
Dry                ‡505g              ‡800g           
Filled              ‡750g              ‡1,500g   

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